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HPCL Community Relay
Distance: 5 runners x 100 m Each
Date: 16Th December 2023
Time : 4:30 PM

The HPCL Community Relay is another exciting and involved team event created to involve communities of all age groups, in and around Whitefield area in running. The relay gives Community entities an opportunity to be part of the fun, frolic and encourages competition at the Bengaluru Midnight Marathon. As the name suggests, it is a relay, run by a team of five people in various age groups to run a distance of 500m. each. A community may enter up to 4 teams.

Govt Schools Relay

Distance: 5 Runners X 100 M Each
Date: 16Th December 2023
Time : 4:00 PM

The Government schools children only need an opportunity to excel. They have been doing it consistently in academics, on the football field and in extracurricular activities. Now let’s create a National Running Champion.

Wissen Fun & Furious 5K Run

Distance: 5 KM
Date: 16Th December 2023 ,
Time : 6:30 PM

The Fun & Furious 5K Run is the flagship event of BMM. It is the event that has the maximum participation with thousands turning up for it. This is an event for people who aren’t professional or serious long distance runners and are looking to improve or maintain their general physical fitness. Like all physical activity, regular 5K runs can improve cardiovascular function and reduce body fat, as well as having mental health benefits.

INDIC Rotary 5K Run
Distance: 5 KM
Date: 16th December 2023
Time : 06:45 PM

A fresh and exciting addition to the 16th Edition of BMM – introducing the ‘Rotary 5K Run’! This race is not just for Rotarians, but also for our awesome Rotaract, Interact, and Inner Wheel Club members and their loved ones. It’s a fun run for the Rotary family!

PRIME VP #FittestStartupChallenge Relay
Distance: 4 runners x 5 km Each
Date: 16Th December 2023
Time : 8:30 PM

The #FittestStartupChallenge Relay is an innovative and special event created as part of the Bengaluru Midnight Marathon. A team of 4 runners have to complete a circuit of 20 km. by running 5 km. each. The event is open for participation to all startups, with a base in Bengaluru or India. This event is not open to individuals/team of individuals.

Akamai 10K Run
Distance: 10 KM
Date: 16Th December 2023
Time : 8:45 PM

The 10K Run is the T20 Cricket of Marathons across the world. Immensely popular, this event has taken the world by storm. This is an event for people who aren’t professional, but are serious long distance runners and yet to come to terms with a full Marathon. As one of the shortest common road distances, many 10K races attract high levels of public participation. At BMM, the Race route is of 5 km loop. Hence the 10K is run over 2 loops.

Full Marathon
Distance: 42.195 KM
Date: 16Th December 2023
Time : 11:15 PM

The Marathon is a long-distance foot race with a distance of 42.195 kilometres (26 miles 385 yards), usually run as a road race, but the distance can be covered on trail routes. The marathon can be completed by running or with a run/walk strategy. Annually, more than 800 marathons are organized worldwide. Some of these belong to the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) which has grown since its foundation in 1982 to embrace over 300 member events in 83 countries and territories, Bengaluru Midnight Marathon being one of them. At BMM, the Race route is made up of 8 loops, each of distance 5.274 km.

AGRIPLAST Half Marathon
Distance: 21.097 KM
Date: 16Th December 2023
Time : 11:25 PM

A Half Marathon is a road running event of 21.0975 km. (13 miles 192.5 yards)—half the distance of a marathon. It is common for a half marathon event to be held concurrently with a marathon or a 5K race, using almost the same course with a late start, an early finish or shortcuts. A half marathon world record is officially recognised by the International Association of Athletics Federations. Participation in half marathons has grown steadily since 2003, partly because it is a challenging distance, but does not require the same level of training that a marathon does. At BMM, the Race route is made up of 4 loops, each of distance 5.274 km.

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